Brandon L. Blankenship



I am a disciple of Christ.

I am a farming, building, faith, technology, business, law, and education polymath. I usually have several projects and experiments going at the same time.

I am a fan of Seth Godin who is encouraging business and community back to the classical understanding that work is art.

I am a fan of R. Edward Freeman who is encouraging a new narrative of business based on the ethic that results from broader stakeholder collaboration.

I am a fan of young people who learn something new and then take action to solve problem(s) with what they learn. I am a fan of Pamela Slim who teaches us how to turn that action into their body of work.

My wife of 30+ years, family, and I live south of Birmingham on our hobby farm where I am hoping to cease not until death.

Brandon L Blankenship speaking at continuing legal education

Strategizing and Problem Solving for Over 35 Years


Recent Projects

Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing

Building Project

I am working with a great team who are committed to creating transitional housing and providing independent skills training and coaching to help people establish independent living.

I cannot imagine a better way to strengthen families, clothe and feed those in need, and provide healthcare.  


Restorative Leadership

Restorative Leadership

Leadership Project

I am working with a team of really bright people to craft a post-pandemic leadership model as a new approach to maximizing the value of organizations (businesses, non-profits, and institutions) to maximize response to ever changing economic and social pressures never experienced before.

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My Favorite Things

Work With People to Solve Puzzles


Learn the Nature of People and Things


Advising & Applicant




Private Consulting

One on 1