Quicklegal, Inc. provides attorneys on demand via Facetime, video chat, voice call, and instant messaging.1

For Consumer-Clients

For the consumer-client, Quicklegal eliminates the wait. Using a smartphone, iPad, or computer, the consumer-client visits Quicklegal and gets instant access to a wide variety of lawyers. The consumer-client avoids the hassle of setting an appointment and waiting for the appointment date and time. Questions that can be answered in under 15 minutes are answered free. When fees are required, the consumer-client pays an affordable rate.

For Attorneys

For the attorney, Quicklegal is a law firm in a box. In addition to ready-made clients, Quicklegal provides case management, document management, calendar, and task management, legal research, malpractice insurance, and continuing legal education. For the new lawyer or the established lawyer looking to hang a shingle, Quicklegal makes the transition as easy as a fixed monthly payment.

Quicklegal Founder

Derek Bluford has a history of entrepreneurial success in the legal service markets and has won business awards such as California TechWeek, Entrepreneur Magazine Growth Conference, Legal Innovator, and more. Mr. Bluford has a degree in legal studies and graduated Cum Laude. Mr.Bluford’s companies have been seen in publications such as Business Journal, California Lawyer, Landlord, Daily Journal, and Porsche’s “The Drifter”.

Shifting Legal Services Industry

In its first year of operation, Quicklegal annual run rate grew to $780,000. At the time of this writing, Quicklegal was entertaining a letter of intent for $14 million.2 For the attorneys that bemoan a shrinking legal services industry, Derek Bluford has created a platform that introduces them to a steady stream of clients. For the consumer-client, Derek Bluford has created a platform that has eliminated the awkwardness of meeting in a law office and waiting for the privilege to do so.

The legal services industry is not shrinking, it is shifting.


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