The best webcam on the market today for the home office is the Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam. After hundreds of hours of online instructing, meeting, and socializing, I have put this claim to the test. I created several video conferencing stations around my home to avoid being stuck in one place or position. I have tested numerous webcams and this one is by far the best. The video and sound that it produces are high quality and the system resources it consumes to do it are comparatively small. Contrast, for example, Microsoft’s webcam. After using it – or rather attempting to use it – for several long meetings, I just threw it in the trash.

Logitech has the opportunity to dominate the webcam market right now. Due to COVID-19, for the past four months and continuing indefinitely, businesses have been forced to modify how they deliver products and services, how they conduct meetings and conferences. Customers who would not have considered video conferencing are now happy to get something more than a phone call or an email. Logitech missed the opportunity because it failed to deploy spontaneity.

Spontaneity is responding to a new problem or an old problem in a new way. There is a lot we don’t know about Logitech. What we do know is that prior to COVID-19 there was no spontaneity at the work table or that the leadership did not value the spontaneity that was at the work table. There was nobody at the work table saying, “Hey – what if there is a catastrophic event that requires us to increase our production 100 fold, how could we pivot and make that happen?” We can learn from Logitech’s mistake. We can invite spontaneity to the work table. And when it shows up, we can listen.

Brandon Blankenship
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