Perceived omniscience. To perceive that you know everything. If you live long enough, you might just figure it out yourself. You might just know that you are right and be proven wrong in a dreadfully public way. If you live long enough, two very smart people will tell you the opposite thing and tell you how certain they are that they are 100 percent right. One of them is wrong. Or both of them.

The same thing happens with people. As long as I perceive that I know everything about a person there is no reason to question, to investigate, to explore who that person might be. So, it isn’t until I admit that I really don’t know them at all that I can begin the journey of knowing them.

That one reason couples can be married for years and not know each other. Business partners can work together for years and not know each other. Lifetime friends can not know each other. Yet, you and I, in the course of an afternoon, can know each other.

Consider that you know the person you are spending time with today. Consider that you might be wrong. Start the journey of discovering who they really are instead. To really know someone, start by admitting that you don’t.


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