When someone asks me if I know a lawyer who could help them with a particular issue, a list of particular lawyers usually run through my mind. Those lawyers are, to me, remarkable. That is, when asked, I remark about who they are or something they have done. This is a foundation for practice success.

The good news is that if you have not already started the process of being remarkable, you can start today. Whatever your role is in solving a problem is, be remarkable in that role.

The bad news is that there are opportunity costs associated with being remarkable. Each step taken toward being remarkable in one area is to the exclusion of being remarkable in all others. When you open the door on being remarkable in one area, infinite doors slam shut in other areas. The risk of spending opportunity costs is often accompanied by fear which results in inaction. There is nothing remarkable about doing nothing.

One answer to this fear is the option of repositioning. Repositioning is an option when you determine that you are not (or are no longer) solving the problem you want to solve. A mid- or late-stage position change is not for the faint of heart. However, it’s a sign that you recognize a need for change in order to survive. Recognizing a need is one thing; acting on it demands spontaneity, audacity, perseverance, flexibility, patience and iron will.

Being remarkable enables differentiation, heightens recognition and leads to a well-defined brand that acts as a beacon for clients seeking particular expertise.


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